About us

"Winter is driving"

A family business with a long history

Winter transport was founded by Josef Winter and his son, Michal, at the end of 2018 by merging two transportation companies; osobni-taxi and preprava-brno, which had been operating on our market since 1993. At the same time, the companies pneuservis-brno and autoservis-brno were transferred under the Wt brand, which always keep our fleet in perfect condition. Concurrently, this connection also allows us to offer our regular customers interesting rewards in the form of discounts at both of our parlours. *

One of these examples is a complete change of tires from 400 Kč. (15€)

*Discounts applied to all employees in case of business customers

"Michal is already from the third generation of Winters that specializes in passenger transport. We have repeatedly verified one important thing over a long period of time, which my father taught me, and that in this industry it is not the fleet full of premium brand cars that matters, but the experience and nature of a driver." Josef Winter