Benefits for regular customers 

Winter transport highly appreciates its regular customers and therefore offers benefits in the form of discounts at its tire and car repair shops in Brno.

We are also aware that time is an extremely rare commodity for many of our customers, thus offering the option of picking up and returning the car during the client's business hours.

Tire Service: 

- complete tire change of a personal car from 400 CZK.

(with "Pickup & Return" service from 700 CZK)

Car service: 

- complete car inspection including engine diagnostics 199 CZK

(with "Pickup & Return" service from 499 CZK) 

Above are some of the most popular discounts; we offer much more. We approach each offer individually, therefore the final price will be declared after proper consultation with our technicians.

Corporate customers receive discounts for all employees, creating yet another great opportunity for corporate benefits.